Scope of business

Fujian Chunchi Group Xinfeng Cement Project

National Key Environmental Protection Practical Technology Demonstration Project

The scale of the project is 2 * 2500T/D. In 2011, the company played a leading role in the region and took the initiative to carry out technical transformation of the kiln tail dust collector. Both production line kiln tails use Savings spunlace ® K-star. By March 2017, the product has been put into use for 7 years. the equipment system has a pressure difference of 1200 Pa, which is nearly 20 % lower than the design pressure difference, annual energy saving is 320,000kWh, and the system dust emission is within 10mg. The annual dust emission can be reduced by 81,434 tons. The running indicators are better than the design values and are in good working condition. The project passed the National key environmental protection practical technology demonstration project in 2014. In 2017, the replacement of bags continued to use the Savings spunlace ® K-star, which is currently in good use.