Scope of business

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhongchuang Group, Zhongchuang Purifier (Xiamen) Technology Co., Ltd. is positioned as a smart air service housekeeper. With the core business of providing one-stop solutions for all-round, multi-dimensional and systematic air quality management through the linkage among a variety of smart air disinfection and purification equipment, the Company is committed to building a leading brand in the air purification industry.

1. Central air conditioning cleaning robot

The central air conditioning cleaning robot is a modular combined robot that integrates the environmental monitoring, sampling, cleaning and disinfection functions for the central air conditioning pipeline system. This product is made of imported steel and has a straight-through soft shaft that can bear large torque. It features small resistance, high power efficiency and low noise, and the cleaning operation can be performed without disturbing office work.

2. Purifying air outlet

Purifying air outlet (also known as fan-coil electronic air purifying disinfector) features low power and low air resistance. Through the perfect combination of air conditioning outlet and fan coil and with a front primary filter and high-voltage electric field, the device can efficiently remove pollutants such as PM2.5, formaldehyde and toluene and kill bacteria and viruses, thus improving indoor air quality.

3. Plasma air disinfector

The plasma air disinfector is mainly composed of a plasma generator, a composite filter screen, an ultra-quiet fan, a working air duct, an ultra-large LCD panel, a casing and a running status monitoring software system. After indoor dirty air is sucked into the machine, dust particles in the air are filtered out through the composite filter screen, and viruses and bacteria are removed by the plasma generator. The optional photocatalyst module combined with an activated carbon filter screen in the plasma air disinfector enhances the effect of removing formaldehyde and enables you to live a more comfortable life with purified air.


Other products:


1. Intelligent dust removing door mat

The intelligent dust removing door mat can be installed at the entrance of public places to remove bacteria attached to soles, prevent dust and various harmful substances from entering the room, reducing indoor pollution.

Application scope: banks, airports, railway stations, commercial buildings, classrooms and other places with large flow of visitors.


2. Disinfection wizard for small spaces

The disinfection wizard can be installed in small personal spaces to quickly and effectively remove PM2.5 or even PM0.01 in the air as well as formaldehyde, benzene, smoke smell, peculiar smell, TVOC and other chemical pollutants, harmful gases in the air through septuple filtration with a discharge needle plate, a honeycomb catalyst decomposer, etc., and at the same time achieve the effect of sterilization. In addition, the built-in negative ion generator can generate 12.3 million negative ions per cubic centimeter, allowing you to enjoy fresh and clean air.

Application scope: motor vehicles, offices, bedrooms and other small personal spaces.